Retiring Carson

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For those who may not yet know, Carson, my black lab Seeing Eye dog, went into retirement over the weekend. After over 8 years of faithful service, his working behavoir was slipping and he just wanted to be a normal dog.

His new family, the Jim Hoette family, has known Carson ever since I returned from the Seeing Eye with him in 2002. He’s been a good friend to their toddler, was in a million of Jim and Alice’s wedding photos and has been re-united with his long lost brother, Gutter, the Hoette’s Australian shepherd.

How does it feel? Absence. That’s the best word I have. I know he’s in a wonderful place. I know he’s probably going to thrive in retirement. I know he loves where he is. But around here? My routine is just thrown off due to his absence. I make coffee and, while it’s brewing, bend over to pick up Carson’s food and water bowl. Marvelyne pulls into a parking space whether we need grass for Carson to pee or not. I step gingerly around his favorite places to lay in our bedroom, not remembering he’s gone. Arou
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