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Heard one of my presentations? You may recall how, in my misspent youth, I was enamorede with gangsta rap. So much so that I thought I was an O.G. (That’s original gangsta for you posers out there who don’t know the lingo. Word.)

Well, now, the O.G. is my new dog. His name? Garrett. Yellow lab. Male. Very docile and sweet. Tomorrow, we’ll find out how well his working behavior stacks up to his predecessors. But for now? Just know the O.G. is the original Garrett…one darned fine dog.

I’ve been requesting (and crossing my fingers) for a lab of some sort. With such great luck with my last two labs, it was a no brainer for me. And Garrett fits the bill!

When he was handed over to me today, we had a couple hours to come back to my room for bonding. He’s still pretty attached to his trainer, but seems to be coming around. His crying was minimal, but he kept his eye on the door all the while we were getting to know each other, waiting for his trainer to return. This all tells me that once he’s bonded with me, it’ll be strong as what he’s leaving behind.

Tomorrow will be some short routes of travel. Reports to come on how the O.G. handles the hoods of Morristown!

Thanks to everyone for welcoming Garret with all the Facebook posts, too. Makes me feel like he’s coming into the Marcus community with a lotta love!

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