Waggin’ That Tail

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Park time is the term we use to refer to the dog, er, doin’ his bidness. We take the dogs to the park area and recite “Park time, park time” over and over until the dog relieves him/herself. Instead of regaling you with tales of doggy duty, just know it’s called park time.

After park time last night, Garrett turned into a bit of a different dog. Not good, not bad, just different. Earlier during our bonding time, he was always keeping his eyes on the door. He’d let me pet him, but didn’t really want to play or wag his tail. But after park time last night? Play time was on!

Garrett started wagging his tail, using his paws like boxing gloves and, just in general, started being more sociable. This morning, he proved that he’ll definitely be a morning person. He woke up and his tail was flopping against the amoir and was just begging to be petted. This seems a side of his personality coming out that I’m glad is coming through!

Off to Morristown routes…

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