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Okay, little breakthroughs just keep coming! Garrett is doing a lot of little things to start to let his personality shine through. Before, he was sweet and docile, but he didn’t react to much affection. Now, he’s seeking it out. He’ll use his paws and arms to bat my hands around, he’ll roll over for belly rubs and that tail continues to keep wagging.

Yesterday afternoon, we started working on clicker training. This is a technique of opperent conditioning to get the dog to target to specific things; elevators, doors, etc. There’s food involved and, Garrett being a lab, is one happy guy to work on clicker training. We’re just ankle deep into it now, but I’ll report more as we go along.

Today, it’s bloody cold out. Bundling up now to go out to breakfast and then onto the training routes. More later…

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