Yep, He’s Officially A Lab

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So, if you know a lab, you know the powerful tail. I just finished a cup of coffee and Garrett whipped around, his tail hitting my coffee cup and sending it flying. Yep, he’s officially a lab.

Afternoon walks went pretty well yesterday. Trainers will set up barracades with orange cones in the middle of the sidewalk. Garrett walked my knees into one and I stumbled a bit, but no injuries or anything. After correcting him and trying it again, he practically tiptoed through the barracade, showing he now gets it. One other little snag when we got too close to a pedestrian, but keep in mind he’s a young dog, he’s been mine less than four days and we’re still getting used to one another. In a 10 plus block walk, I think having only two snags ain’t too bad.

He’s continually showing me more of his personality. My legs are the wickets and he’s the croquet ball-this is about his favorite thing I’ve found so far. The tail is wagging more and he’s eating and drinking fine.

Today is the same route and we’ll solo it tomorrow. I’m quite sure with two practice sessions today, we’ll be good to go. Plus, this morning is the lecture on a dog’s senses. This is fascinating stuff; how a dog sees, their physiological make up compared to a human and how tyhat alters their perception of their environment. Perfect example is that dogs can’t see incredibly well far out in front of them unless something is moving. But, their eyes are created to detect movement. Really interesting stuff like that. Will share more when I learn it.

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