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While Saturday is usually a lazy day around the Eye, we did end up doing some training in the form of (insert scary music) the solo. Now, this isn’t nearly as crazy as it might sound. We’ve been working this route for the last two days, and our dogs were familiar with it before we ever started working together. Still, there’s a bit of trepidation before being cut loose to figure out everything on one’s own.

And, as I’d expect, Garrett did it like a champ! In 10 blocks, he did one snag of turning up into a parking area, but I quickly figured out the mistake, retraced our steps and got back on track. This isn’t to mention the 9.9 blocks he did like a well seasoned vet of guiding.

It’s kinda hard to believe that a week ago, we were all just arriving into Morristown. And that the dogs have only been with us for five days. Major strides made in that short time.

This afternoon nothing was scheduled, but we did take a swing around the leisure path; a .3 mile track with gazebos and winding walkways and windchimes every so often. It’s a great place to stretch the ol’ legs or to give the dogs some extra practice.

So far, the area where Garrett has impressed me the most is with dog distractions. He seems uninterested in playing with dogs, sniffing other dogs, any interaction with other dogs. This is strictly while in harness. Back at the Eye, he’s eyeing up his fellow doggy classmates with a look of play. His ability to keep a clear vision for the route is going to be really beneficial back home. I really plan on keeping his socialization and behavoir to other dogs on a positive note once we’re badck in Orlando.

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