For 12 blocks, a Pee and a Sniff Aren’t Bad

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Yep, just finished doing the Elm Street route for the second time today. Garrett apparently had to pee at one stop, but other than that and sniffing at a passing stranger, he was thumbs up all the way around. All in all, I’m still impressed as to what a serious worker he is.

Real temp this morning at 5:30 park time was 28 and it hasn’t gotten much past that. Is it ironic that my warmest hoodie advertises Florida? Maybe, maybe.

I only caught about half of today’s traffic lecture due to a conference call, but from what I heard in the last few minutes, I’ll be studying up on the multitude of lectures on mp3 that the Eye gives us. Having every lecture, handout and coupon in mp3 format is one of the awesome things about the program here. Before, it was 12 cassette tapes. Before that? Nothing, just use your memory. Now, with a couple of minutes to transfer the info, I had a reference library at my fingertips…and will for years to come.

We’ll continue to do the Elm Street route tomorrow, complete with traffic checks, dog distractions and barricades, all of which G handled like a champ once again. The traffic check today was in the toyota Prius, so it was silent until it was right up on us. Garrett did his traffic check move by stopping mid-stream and taking a quick step back. Proud of that boy for how he does with traffic!

More soon…

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