Where’s The Muse Been?

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Yeah, I’ve been asking myself that question for the better part of a year. Where’s the muse? Why haven’t I been blogging? Is the muse mad at me? Am I uninspired? I don’t necessarily feel uninspired, but just due to the craziness of life, blogging has gone by the wayside.

Except that tonight? I got a little inspiration and food on how to feed the muse. One of my fav podcasts is Radio Lab which you can check out at:


The episode I listened to tonight was about inspiring oneself, or in some cases, holding one’s creativity up for ransome. A famous physician even told of swearing he’d commit suicide if he didn’t finish his book in 10 days. Don’t worry, I’m not THAT committed to blogging again!

Elizabeth Gilbert, the famed author of “Eat, Pray, Love” told the tale of how the book got it’s name. She said she’d completed writing and still couldn’t come up with a title. So, she sent out an E mail to friends basically cursing her manuscript for not sharing it’s title. A friend wrote back with a response like, “Liz, it’ll never tell you if you talk to it so mean.” So, she changed her tune. Not unlike praying, she physically spoke to the manuscript and asked it to tell her it’s title. Next day? Eat, Pray, Love was a reality.

Tomorrow, I’ll share what’s been going on the last, oh, eight or nine months. That is, I’m going to kindly ask the muse to help me become a more consistent blogger. We’ll see if this works.

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