Up to Speed Part Deux

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Wow, can you tell I’ve not been blogging regularly? That last post somehow got to EE before I had a chance to complete it. NNonetheless, here we are again….

Last summer, after busting my tail during the spring semester, I underwent some surgery. I don’t expect anyone to recall this, and I’m not sure how much I shared, but due to some major complications, I was hospitalized for the better part of a month.

After working myself to the bone AND the potential of dying during that recovery, I knew I had to make some changes. So, I started looking to keep doing what I’m doing, but in a way where I could work less, make more money and not let life pass me by while I was workingg; though “working” is a bit of a misnnomer b/c I love what I do. I just don’t always love the headaches involved with travel.

I’ve always wanted to continue my education. Having an M.S. behind my name can’t hurt anything, I love to learn and, maybe just maybe, increasing my education might bring about the life changes I’ve bbeen desiring. But, what can I do to behoove what I’m already doing?

I looked into a master’s of public health, but it doesn’t really fit what I do and want to do. Too much focus on social health issues, quantification of illness patterns, epidemiology, etc. So, as I always do when I need an answer to a question, I turned to some experts.

First person who’s opinion I sought was Dr. Norma Hannigan at Columbia University in NYC in the School of Nursing. Norma is one of my clients, friends and I figured she might havve a lead for me. I was right!

When I explained I wanted to continue to do what I’m already doing, possibly with an incorporation of writing like an MFA, Norma asked if I’d considered narrative medicine. Considered it? I’ve never even heard of it.

Well, as I soon discovered, narrative medicine is a combination of health care, literature, social work, philosophy and communications. Columbia University in the City of New York is, I believe, the only program of it’s kind. When I explored it further and really got into researching this idea of narrative med, well, it seemed custom made for me.

Thus, I applied and was accepted. Right now, I’m sitting in our 500 square foot apartment just steps from campus. In two weeks, narrative med classes will commence and I’ll be engulfed in grad work…a student again for the first time in a decade.

More info to come soon on this current stage in Marcus’ life and education!

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