One Man’s Trash …Is In My Living Room?

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So, if you’ve met Marvelyne, you’re well aware she’s got a designer’s eye. Maybe this is from watching too much Nate Burkas…or maybe she was born with it. Whatever the reason, she knows how to make things look good. Including me.

But one of the things I love most about her is she can see the potential in the disposable. She can bargain shop and, for $10, come home and have a gorgeous, hand made “something” for our home. And, it’s not just her doing this at discount stores, but sometimes in, believe it or not, dumpsters.

Today, we weere walking down 119th Street and she grabs my arm. “Oh my God! There’s this gorgeous lamp someone has thrown out! Can I take it home?” Uh, I guess…though I do wonder how much we look like Fred Sanford while digging stufff out of the trash bin. Still, she carried this lamp home, cleaned it up and, wonder of all wonders, the thing actually works.

So, now sitting in our living room, is this gorgeous six foot tall lamp. I have no clue what lamps cost, but I’d guesstimate that this one new was at least a couple hundred bucks. And why do we get it for free? All because mE knows how to see the potential in the disposable.

Whether it’s trash, treasure, poodles or people, we all have the ability to see the beautifful in the benign. I hope you can hone your senses to see the true beauty when, at first, it may just appear to be trash, too.

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