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Just wwanted to publically wish my niece, Lauren, a happy 10th birthday!

My sister, Cathy, and her husband, Jim, met while in marching band together at Missouri State. Cathy’s instrument was the melllophone, Jim’s the sax, but he can play about every instrument known to man. As you’d expect, their kids all have more than average musical bones in their body, too.

For Lauren’s 10th birthday, she received a six string Yamaha acoustic guitar. When I spoke to Cathy, she admitted she paid more for the new ax than she’d planned. To me, though, I think back to late 1999 when I, too, paid way more for a guitar than necessary. Well, maybe not more than necessary, it was just a really expensive guitar. Why did I drop the jack? Because an instrument is an investment in the person. I knew if I bought a ridiculously expensive instrument, I’d feel guilty if it sat in the corner, unplayed. And when I bought my Taylor 12 string, within months, I was doing things I’d only previously dreamed about on guitar. It was an investment in me…annd I’m sure Lauren’s guitar will also be an investment in her.

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