Goodnight, Irene

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If you’re along the eastern seaboard, you’ve likely been experiencing Hurricaine Irene in all her glory the last couple days. Me, too. Just as an update on the Engels, we left NYC on Friday after our flight was cancelled Thursday afternoon. Got home to Orlando Friday afternoon just in time to watch Irene reeking havoc on the east coast. Have kept an eye on her just to learn if we’d have a NYC home to return to on Monday. As of now, the damage seems minimal, but the shutdown of the NY MTA has things pretty jacked up. So, too, are the airports and airlines.

We’re set to return to New York tomorrow morning…please keep your fingers crosssed for us. Officially, I don’t have anything until Wednesday afternoon, but I’d prefer to be tucked back into our upper west side apartment well before my appointments.

And this is where being Zen comes in. And it’s something I’m not good at. I’m a worrier, a fretter and just generally get all anxious when things are out of my control. So, I’m trying to breathe and be Zen with the full knowledge we have some wiggle room if the airlines are being silly and won’t take uus home tomorrow. More updates wheen we return to the Big Apple!

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