It’s Not A Hardship…It’s A Joy!

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Okay, so Sunday late night I got back in from roughly two weeks on the road. Now, this wasn’t all work, but there were nine (count ‘em, nine) speeches involved. Trust me, the hard part of my job isn’t speaking. That’s just fun to share and interact and to walk away with so much positive feedback and knowing I may have made a difference in someone’s life.

Again, that’s a treat!

The travel, however, can get to be a little rough on the ol’ Engel bod. And, as any road warrior will tell you, there’s no place like home. You never sleep as soundly as you do in your own bed. And, after a week or more of not resting properly, well, the travel can get a little tough.
A couple days ago, I posted this as my Facebook status: “12 days on the road, 9 speeches. I. Am. Beat.”

Some of the comments left me, well, feeling a little misunderstood. I absolutely adore my profession. I love getting to meet tons of people. I love visiting new places. I love hearing the stories of others. I love all of it! Just, as I said, the being away from home can be a little tough. But, if I post a message like this, please, PLEASE don’t think I’m having a BMW session. I’ll let you figure out the B, but the M & W stand for Moan and Whine.

I am so, so lucky! Truly, I count my blessings every day for the life I get to lead! I would never, ever hope a little truthful statement about the hardships being away from home would be misconstrewed as me complaining…about anything. I really try not to complain about anything (other than politicians and, really, that’s a given).

Tomorrow, I set out for another seven days on the road. Each of the institutions where I’ll be speaking is a repeat performance. I’m so, so excited to be able to see my friends at each place once again! I’m pumped about getting to influence a whole new crop of students! I am just plain lucky!

So, if I make a statement or two here and there about being worn out…it’s true. It doesn’t mean this is a hardship… it’s a joy!

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