Do We Like Animals More Than People?

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To this question, I say a resounding yes. And, that’s unfortunate.

Remember a few years back how NFL star Michael Vick was arrested for being involved in a dog fighting ring? The guy is a fantastic football player, but he’ll probably always be remembered as the dog fighting guy. I don’t have to explain how much I love dogs, right? Nearly two decades of having a dog by my side 24/7 should be evidence enough in that case. Like everyone who is NOT involved in a dog fighting ring, I found Vick’s actions despicable.

Here’s the thing, though….The day that news story hit the airways, and on the report I heard, came right after the Michael Vick story, there was one even more horrifying. This was one of those rare (thankfully) cases where some foster parents were found to have been keeping the kids in dog kennels, feeding them dog food and not caring for the kids in any way, including bathing them. These poor children were, for all practical purposes, being treated like dogs at a puppy mill. They were fed, but not cleaned, they were in a home, but not loved. Horrible and tragic and disgusting and these “parents” should be severely punished…and I’ll volunteer for the job.

Today, while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I found two stories, back to back, on Drudge Report. Here are the headlines in order of chronology:

Naked toddler found locked in dog kennel in back yard

Shot bald eagle named Abe dies

Which story do you think will get more traction? Which of these two tales will people remember in the next couple days?

I love America and all it stands for, including our population of bald eagles that (thankfully) has grown since they were so endangered when I was a child. And I love dogs. Duh! But what do I love the most? People.

Did the naked toddler in the dog cage have a name? I’m sure he/she does. And I totally get why the news cannot share the name of the minor. But by naming the bald eagle and having these stories back to back, doesn’t it feel like people will get a little more shocked by the bird? I hope I’m wrong. Unfortunately, as with the Michael Vick situation, I’m probably not. This, faithful reader, is sad.

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