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See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Their Families


A couple years ago, I got acquainted with a really awesome health care consulting company,
Creative Health Care Management

Their theories and philosophies on bettering the patient experience totally align with my work and I’ve benefited so much from being around people with such passion to help inspire health care pros to bring excellence to the patient experience.

One of the truly special folks with CHCM is Mary Koloroutis. She and her husband, Michael Trout, have just released a new book called, “See Me As A Person.” As you might expect, this is directed at health care professionals and, just by the title, you’ll probably be able to ascertain what the book is about!

And what’s even better? Mary and Michael gave me the honor and privledge of writing the preface for, “See Me As A Person.” Again, our missions are so aligned that working together is a bit of a no brainer!

If you’re a health care professional, a future health care pro, or you just want to read something else written by yours truly, please check out “See Me As A Person” by Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout.

Here is the shopping cart link for the “See Me As A Person”


Speaking as an author, I know how much it means to potential book buyers to get those reviews on Amazon.

If you can, show Mary and Michael (and me) some love by writing a review here – at Amazon


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