A Very Bossy Christmas

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What says the holidays are here? For a ton of people, it’s Black Friday shopping at midnight of Thanksgiving. I’m sure for others it’s putting up the house decorations. First snowfall, maybe?


Obviously, all the holiday decorations are lost on me. The biggest thing that marks the holiday season for yours truly is hearing Bruce Springsteen’s version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” This is kinda a game for me and, since I’m hyperaware of sounds around me, I might be able to pick it up on the stereo in a restaurant easier than my dining companion. But yeah, as soon as I hear the Boss talking about how Santa is going to get Clarence a new saxophone, I know it’s Christmas time.


Again, this is kind a game for me. I’m a huge Springsteen fan and, while I have this song somewhere on my iPod, I specifically don’t play it. I like serendipity to take over. And if I hear it on E Street Radio on Sirius/XM, that doesn’t count, either.


Last year, as soon as my Narrative Medicine finals were complete at Columbia, The Hottness and I took a little trip down to Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market is in Chelsea (duh!) and is full of all kinds of super speciality stores. Not like a typical mall with Macy’s and Champs and the like, but tons of hand crafted collectibles, quality independent restaurants and the like. Of course, I was feeling a lot of freedom with finals behind me, but the trip was really made complete when, walking through a store, I heard Bruce singing this Christmas anthem.


Where will this happenstance listening happen this year? Hard to tell! As Christmas approaches, I have to think that we’ll be in and out of retailers a little more often. And Christmas music is, to a fault, a little too prevalent this time of year. I’ll keep you posted as to when, to me, the holidays REALLY start!


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