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Short and sweet story here from one of my teenage Facebook friends. Her post said this:

Just ran into my first grade teacher at Dollar Tree. She remembered me right away even though it’s been 11 years since we’ve seen one another. She told me how proud she is of me and how she would love for me to do her hair sometime. It totally reminded me why I absolutely love this woman!

When we’re young, we are so, so impacted by the adults in our lives. Considering the sheer amount of time we spend in school, other than maybe parents and grandparents, teachers are the adults with whom kids spend the majority of their childhood.

I probably didn’t know this fact when I was in school, but: teachers are people, too. I know, crazy concept, right?

Sometimes, kids make a significant impact on the educator, too. I’m so glad to read this kind of story and I hope you’ll share this quickie with your educator friends. Thanks, Taylor, for posting this!

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