NYE 2012

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On this New Year’s Eve, I’d like to pose a couple questions:

1. Did you make a new friend in 2012?
2. Did you learn anything new about yourself?
3. Do you feel more emotionally equipped for 2013 because of things you learned this past year?

If your answer to any of these is yes, then consider 2012 a success!

I know this year wasn’t peachy keen for everyone. We’re still living in a really rough economy. We’re still reeling from violence in our society. We’re (at this very moment) hearing that our country is about to fall off a fiscal cliff and it seems American leaders don’t seem concerned to stop it. In short, there are tons of things that are uncertain right now.

But, did you gain anything from 2012? Even just experiences you can build on for 2013? I certainly hope so.

Look, it’s Pollyanna-ish to think that in any 365 day span of time that everything will be filled with sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. We live in a real world with real world hardships. But, instead of being a person who wants to wash their hands of 2012 and look at it with an air of good riddance, why not take the inverse view? Why not be grateful for the lessons learned this past year? Even though those lessons learned may have been discovered through adversity, they’re still valueable. Cherish them. Even if right now they’re still a little painful, just ask yourself, “What did I learn this year?” If there is nothing more than experience you can take from 2012, then at least hang onto those things you’ve learned.

Happy New Year!

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