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Okay, I probably share more info about our marriage than the Hottness would like. Sorry, babe. You have full right to take down anything from this blog that misrepresents anything about us, okay?


We don’t fight. Much. And by much, I mean like barely ever. This isn’t to say we don’t get mad at each other, aggravated, irritated, snarky or just plain tired of each other. Anyone who is in relationship with anyone else probably knows this. But fighting? I can’t think of the last time either of us yelled. Quite frankly, I think we’re both too intelligent and compassionate than to start screaming and having a hissy fit. That’s just not “us.”


But, we do have this little difficulty from time to time. In this case, and in retrospect, I was aggravated about something out of my control. I was with mE and, I got snippy with her about something off topic. We both have this tendency that, when feelings get hurt, we stew. Quietly. Privately. One may even call this brooding. Or maybe not. Whatev.


The good thing is that neither of us can stand being out of harmony with the other. So, while we might stew a while, usually, an hour or so later, we’ve had a little breathing space and come back together to say, “I’m sorry” and “I love you.”


After some events a few nights back, we laid down to sleep. Both of us were still stewing, but mE, being the more mature of us, said, “Marc, I love you. We only have so long in this life together. I don’t want to spend a minute being mad at one another.”


As always, she is right.


Take this out to the macro level. We’re all human beings with a finite amount of time on this planet. Why do we spend our time feeling hurt or dissed or, even worse, looking for ways to hurt other people? Well, we do it because we’re human. We screw up. We are flawed. But, I think the Hottness gave me a good reminder the other night. We have the power to control some of our emotions. And with so few years together on this earth, I don’t want to spend an extra minute being mad. At anyone. But especially not my wife. The sooner we recognize our feelings, the sooner we can work to get them back in line with what we truly want. For the Hottness and I, that is love, compassion, partnership and harmony.





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  • mE

    love this! and love you even more!!
    (oh – and thanks for calling me mature! ha ha ha ha ha – sticking my tongue out at you…)
    x o dork!

  • Barb DeWalle

    And that is why you two will be together forever.

    • MarcusEngel

      That is the plan! 🙂

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