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So, why hasn’t your faithful blogger been, well, a faithful blogger as of late? Here goes:

March 1, my newest book, “Everyday Inspiration” was released! If you haven’t gotten your copy, they’re now exclusively available in hard copy on www.MarcusEngel.com/store
Then, back to Gatorland March 1, Shands Hospital at University of Florida keynote to kick off Patient Safety Week
March 3, Emergency Nurses Association leadership conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
March 4, Team Spirit reunion in Jefferson City, Missouri
March 5, meeting at Goodwin College in E. Hartford, CT about some exciting stuff we may have in the works!
March 5 & 6, St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT
March 7, meeting with donors to the Blink Foundation
March 8, Quest for Best Practices conference at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, plus dinner with one of my fellow Narrative Medicine graduates
March 9, fly home and crash (in bed, not the plane)

This was one packed journey on the road for Garrett and I, Marvelyne for a day or two and then Jordan for the rest of the trip. I cannot possibly thank everyone who helped us, welcomed us in and made this such a special tour. If we met? Thank you! You are awesome!

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