Staff Infection

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This week, I’ve probably talked to no less than 20 different receptionists, secretaries or admin staff. Anyone who works with the public will usually tell you that the vast, vast majority of people are fine…but those 1%ers really get to ya. Same thing here. Most folks who answer the phone have been great and there’s been no problem.

But, there have been a couple who weren’t helpful and acted like they hated their job. These people are the front line of an experience with a doctor, lawyer, company, etc. And, if I make a call and the person answering the phone acts put off, that colors my view of the rest of the experience.

If you have staff, remember this: your staff is you. You may be the best in your field, you may be the most kind hearted individual, proficient at your profession and king of your hill. If your staff is bottom of the barrel, your clients, customers and patients are going to think less of you. Fair or not.

Toxic people in positions of influence are dangerous. The first time a complaint comes in about staff, address the problem immediately. Your profession depends on it.

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