Do You Delight In Death?

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Answer that question. Do you?

I think most people’s immediate answer is no, I do not. And that’s probably a good generalization. Death is sad and tragic and hurtful to those who knew the deceased, right? Most folks would say a resounding “No!” to this question. At least, I hope most people do.

But, what if it’s someone you hate? What if it’s Bin Laden? What about Saddam Hussein? Were you rejoicing when we got word that Bin Laden was dead in his tracks? Or when Iraq hung their dictator? What about when some “monster” like Ted Bundy is put to death? Dahmer? What if it’s someone who has personally harmed you? Does that change things?

I’ve had blood lust. After 9-11, I wanted everyone who had any agreement with the terrorists dead and buried. Actually, didn’t even matter if they were buried, just dead would suffice. Now, with a dozen years to reflect and mature, my feelings are mixed.

Margaret Thatcher died earlier this week. There were Englishmen and women throwing parties to celebrate her death. Police in riot gear actually had to be called in to quell some situations in London. Celebrating death. The concept just does not make sense to me.

I didn’t celebrate Saddam’s hanging. My blood lust had settled by then. I didn’t celebrate UBL’s death. Again, I had time to reflect and understand the killing of these individuals doesn’t change the past. And with the death of Margaret Thatcher, it seems the people that feel as though Thatcher harmed them or their country or other countries now celebrate more death. I just don’t get it. Do you?

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