What I Really Want For Father’s Day

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Over the last week or so, I’ve heard this question too many times, “Marc, what do you want for Father’s Day?” I’ve answered truthfully: I want nothing.

Okay, I think we’re all familiar with the notion of love languages. Like, people feel loved and appreciated in different ways. For some, it’s verbal praise. For others, it’s gifts. For others, it’s being physically touched.

Like everyone, I want to be loved and appreciated. But, I’ve learned that my love language is NOT material gifts. And most certainly not expensive gifts. I’d so much more appreciate someone gifting me a bottle of my favorite shaving cream than a $100 pair of jeans. Yet, when people want to show appreciation with material gifts, it’s kinda jerkish for me to refuse something that would make them feel good to give. So, I try to pick things that are easily affordable and that I’ll use.

But, I was thinking about this: what would really, really show me appreciation for Father’s Day? And you know what it is? It would be to see my stepkids implement some of the actions and lessons that will benefit their lives. Things that (I hope) I’ve shown them in the six years of being a stepdad. Being compassionate, patient, frugal, logical, kind, generous with the less fortunate, thoughtful, etc. These are traits I try to emulate to give myself a better life. If I really want to know I did a good job as a stepfather, it’d be to witness these traits being adopted and emulated by my stepkids.

I don’t need (or want) a big deal made over me. I want the satisfaction of knowing I did a good job by planting qualities in my stepkids that will benefit their lives.

Really, that’s all I want for Father’s Day.

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