Truth Is Not Perception

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We’ve all heard that saying, “Truth is perception.” Ya know, someone sees something a certain way, accurate or not, and that is their reality. This may also be said as, “Perception is reality.” To both these, I say bunk.

Truth is truth. It’s not how it’s interpreted by people, truth simply is.

Like the rest of the country, I’ve been keeping more than a close eye on the George Zimmerman trial. Maybe this is because it’s in my backyard (Sanford is literally 20 minutes from my front door), or maybe just because it’s a case which has attracted lots of attention. Either way, I’m watching. And, what I see makes me sick.

Most news shows with talking heads and analysts make a mockery of the American justice system. And you know who’s to blame? We are. The American public that eats this stuff like pizza rolls at a slumber party. I’m to blame, too.

There was an event which occurred between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. There is George Zimmerman’s interpretation of what happened. Trayvon Martin would have had his own interpretation, too. Had there been eyewitnesses to the full event, they, too, would have had their own interpretation.

Interpretation is just that…and that’s a point most people don’t seem to get.

So, we have the truth of what happened. Then, the interpretation of what each eyewitness said happened. Then, what they SAID happened. Then, what you and I interpret when hearing, seeing or reading their interpretation. And, of course, it’s the prosecution’s job to try to get the jury to interpret the data one way, and the defense’s job to get the jury to interpret it the opposite way. Then, there’s what you and I hear, see and witness as THAT information has been interpreted through analysts and talking heads.

Last night, there were several folks interviewed who have nothing to do with the case in any shape or form. They were asked what they thought happened. First, this is a stupid request. They weren’t there. They’re not even in the courtroom. They’re obviously not watching it closely because one interviewee threw in a few of her own “facts” that no one had ever heard before. And yet? She’s on national TV giving an interpretation…that has nothing to do with reality and the truth.

The only, ONLY intelligent response to this querry is: “I don’t know what happened. I was not there.”

And the reason the question is asked? Because the TRUTH is, we’re all vultures. We all want the inside scoop on dynamic and bloody and emotional cases. Know how I know that’s the truth? Follow the money. These shows wouldn’t be on TV if they weren’t raking in $$$.

These days, it seems the only way to get to the bottom of an issue is…follow the money. Money is one of the biggest motivators in western society. If there’s no money, then follow the emotions. Who would be hurt, embarrassed, angry or ashamed if things continued? Follow that emotion to the truth. It’s there. It’s just sad we all want a shortcut to justify our interpretations, not find the truth.

her interpretation.

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