Getting The Finger At Chick Filet

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Here’s a question I often get when I’m speaking: “Marc, do you have flashbacks?”

Nah, not really. I have really vivid memories, but it’s not like I’ll have a hallucination of what was and get all freaked.

But, having said that, when I’m a passenger in a car (and who am I kidding? I’m always a passenger in a car), when another driver hits the horn, I jump. Partially just a loud and abrupt sound, but partially just because I can’t tell if that driver is honking at us, another car, if there’s any kind of danger, blah blah blah.

So, Jordan and I were in the drive through at Chick Filet the other day when another driver honks. Jordan just laughs. And, since we were sitting still, there was no reason for me to get worried. J and I have a pretty similar sense of humor, so when he finds something funny, so will I.

He explains. “Some dude just walked out with a drink carrier and put it on top of his car…where he left it. When he was pulling out, this other dude honks to let him know…and immediately gets flicked off.”

Did ya catch that? Another driver was trying to help and what? Got the finger. No good deed goes unpunished, as the saying goes.

For whatever reason, I’ve gotta think that first driver lives his life ready to be offended. When an immediate reaction is to lash out in anger, he’s probably perceiving (incorrectly, I might add) that 2nd driver is telling him he’s doing wrong. And, of course, he’s not.

My take away? Don’t look for reasons to be offended. Don’t live your life like everyone is out to get you. Undoubtedly, I you look for that kind of existence, you’ll surely find it.

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