Should I Rewrite My Books?

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Even though I’ve written four books and a bunch of other stuff, it’s still tough to think of myself as a writer. I mean, I have this vision of writers sitting at a typewriter and either just delighted as the words flow freely from the heart, mind, spirit or muse…or of the Poe type writer, slumped over a desk drunk, candlelight, having just depleted all energy finishing a masterpiece. I’m neither of these. I don’t pretend to be a tortured soul kind of writer. And I’m definitely not talented enough to put myself into that same category as those who are gifted with words.

Having said all that, since I first published “After This…” and “The Other End Of The Stethoscope”, my writing has definitely improved. Same with “I’m Here” and “Everyday Inspiration.” And, in a few months, I hope I’ll be improved beyond my current skill set.

Then, there are the other kind of writers who, I think, are really editors in disguise. They have perfect English, perfect grammar and live with a red pen attached to their fingers. This isn’t me, either. I haven’t had an English course since 1996, didn’t do so well at the English courses I DID take in college and I still don’t know what a gerund is. Or a participle. But, I can usually spot things that aren’t grammatically correct…even in my own work.

Last night, I was thinking of rewriting “Stetho” and “I’m Here.” Not changing the stories or the style, but going through with my red pen of experience. Ya know, just cleaning it up to make it sound better.

But…screw that noise.

I never claimed to be a gifted writer. But, I do claim my words to be honest. Rusty and raw and imperfect, but honest. And maybe that’s why people seem to like my stuff. Maybe that honesty bleeds through, like it’s intended.

So, if you’ve enjoyed my books, don’t worry. I’m not going to be changing anything. Maybe that’s a love it or leave it. But, at least it’s honest.

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  • Leigh Smith

    I read After This, I picked it up on a Thursday afternoon and was finished by Friday night…don’t change a thing!! It was amazing and like “they” say…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Can’t wait to read the other 3 books!!!

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