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Remember that post a few days ago about the 22K+ old E mails that came flooding back in? Yeah, gonna be cleaning those up for a while.

But, in going through them, I found this gem. I’ve removed a little of the identifying information because I totally believe in the anonymous philosophy. Here goes:


I wanted to thank you in person but had a class to attend. I enjoyed your story so much. I am a recovering alcoholic and attend an AA meeting every morning at 7:00 AM. I shared the part of your story that spoke of the overweight boy at camp. In AA we learn that no matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others. Since most alcoholics come to AA feeling worthless, it was easy to relate your to story to other. I am happy to say that through you, I know that I have something to offer others. You inspire me to continue to reach out to others and be honest about where alcohol took me. I never know where I may be helpful, nor where others may help me. I know today that the very thing that made me feel worthless, is the very thing that may help another. On behalf of our morning meetings I want to tell you how much your story made an impact on out topic today. I wish you well and appreciate your sharing with us at our campus. My prayers are with you and the success of a full length movie soon.


The Early Birds Group


Marcus here again. Can I just state for the record that this kind of message is why I do what I do? Thank you, Anonymous, for seeing the value in yourself, in others and in me.

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