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I count stairs. Weird, right?

Like, going up and down a set of stairs, I want to know how many there are. This has nothing to do with the “irrational” fear some folks with true OCD have; like, I don’t think it’ll save my wife’s life if I know the total. Rather, this is a safety issue for me. Being blind, just knowing the approximate number of steps helps me orientate. I don’t wanna take a tumble.

There are 17 steps to the second floor of our home. Nine steps up from the first floor, a landing and turn, then eight more steps. Another left turn and you’re standing in my office, where I spend the majority of my time.

Changing gears. One of the elements of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” I really find valueable is the idea of gratitude. One contributor said before she gets out of bed every morning, she starts mentally listing off things for which she is thankful. Then, as her feet hit the floor, first foot she says, “Thank” next foot, “you.” All the way through her morning routine of showering, dressing, etc., she is constantly running down a list of things she appreciates. I try to do this, too.

Because I walk up and down these 17 steps a dozen or more times every day, I decided to try something.

Every step, I mentally say something I want to encapsulate: compassion, kindness, love, creativity, diligence, patience, generosity, abundance, support…you get the idea. I’ve started calling this my 17 Step Program.

Honestly, in the few days I’ve been doing this, it’s helped. If nothing else, it helps me be mindful about the attitude I want to have when I get into my office and start working. Truthfully, sometimes my work is quite boring. Sending out E mail marketing pieces, for example, is quite dull. As is constantly editing content for web sites. And making plane reservations. It’s just routine.

Doing the 17 Step Program helps me focus before I get into the office. It helps me handle the boring aspects of my work and enjoy the elements I love even more!

What are things you can do every day to help remind you to be positive? What about this…every time you wash your hands, you think about things you’re happy about. What if every time you touch a door knob, you take a second to take a deep breath and smile? We need these kinds of constant reminders to know we really DO have great lives.

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