A Final, Loving Act

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Just recently saw a post from a friend that pretty much ripped my heart out. There’s HIPAA involved here, so let’s just say this happened west of the Mississippi.

This friend is a nurse. She told the story of a young, healthy woman, married with two small kids. This woman came into the hospital for a procedure, had the procedure, went downhill after post op and, a few days later was brain dead. Horrible and sad and tragic and unfair.

Yet, in these moments of misery, her husband made the choice to donate her organs. Or, maybe she made that decision prior to this event, I’m not 100% sure. Either way, a few days later, a message was received from her widower. He said two of her organs were headed for the east coast and the ohers would stay nearby to help others to live. It was the final act of love he and his wife could give.

Friends, if you’ve not done so already, please consider being an organ donor. We probably all know someone who lived a longer life because of the generosity of organ donors and their families. I only hope that, when I die, I, too, can give that final loving gift.

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