Is It All Just Some Big Conspiracy?

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Ever heard this comment?

“I think all the doctors want something to be wrong with you so they’ll have an income. They don’t really help you, they just want you to keep coming back in the door. It’s all a big conspiracy.”

I heard this recently. I’ll bet you’ve heard something similar, too. Maybe you’ve even been the one to say this.

I’m obviously not a physician, I don’t work in the field of health insurance and I never have. I do, however, have a few friends who are physicians, hospital CEOs, etc. And, since I work with hospitals, I get to hear a lot more stories from the inside.

Having said that, my knowledge is only limited to what I know…but I just cannot fathom any doc I know who delights in the health issues of patients so he/she can make money.

Are there greedy docs? Sure. There are greedy (insert any profession here.) Yet, to constantly walk around feeling like you and your doctor are battling over your health, well, that is a horrible mindset to have. Rather, a doctor and patient should be able to have an open, honest dialogue about a patient’s health…and that all lies in communication.

I have “fired” doctors because I felt ignored or like they weren’t taking the big picture into account. I’ve also continued to go to doctors who always run an hour late. Why? Because the communication is so good. The doctor has a way of zeroing in on me during my appointment time. She may be running ragged, running behind, stressed to the limit, but I’m not made to feel like I’m an intrusion in the day. The doctor is there with me in the moment.

How often are we not in the moment? How often are we thinking about the past, worrying about the future or simply distracting ourselves? Ya know, like anyone who pulls out their cell phone while talking? Yeah, that’s not in the moment.

I find that, if we’re able to block out distractions and be present for all interactions, then no one walks away feeling misunderstood, unheard or, God forbid, like they’re being manipulated. Doctor or not, we can all use a little more of this practice in our lives.

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