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“We’ve had three deaths at our school this year. Two car crashes from drunk driving, one was a suicide. We want our kids to make smart decisions and know that life doesn’t have to feel hopeless.”


This is what a school principal said via phone in 2011. I was super pumped to go work with this rural school in the Midwest. Thing is? They only had $500 in their budget. And, due to the locale, it would take more than $700 and two days off the calendar to get me there. I HATED to decline this opportunity, especially when the students so need the Marcus message.


Or, how about the youth detention center where a few dozen young men have committed some truly horrific crimes. The supervisor wanted the young men to know that their past actions didn’t have to determine their future success. And, just having someone to come in to tell them stories about going through hell and coming out the other side was a big point, too. Again, had to decline because I’d go in the hole if I accepted.


Something had to change. How could we get students and young audiences the message they need, but not send Marcus and The Hottness to the poor house in the process? Simple: start a non for profit. Except, that’s not so simple. It took well over a year of legal wranglings until we finally got IRS approval for The BLINK Foundation:


Here’s what happens: an org comprised of youth pays what they can afford. The BLINK Foundation picks up the rest. Young people get the message, Marcus doesn’t have to sell his plasma to pay the rent AND donors get a tax write off AND the knowledge they are helping society.


I hope you’ll consider a donation to The BLINK Foundation on this Giving Tuesday:


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