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This story was posted a few weeks ago by one of my Facebook friends who has a name I can’t remember. Hope I can remember the powerful deets of this story…


My friend we’ll call Matt b/c I think that’s his name. Matt is in line at Walgreens. There is an elderly woman at the counter paying, another woman in line after her and then Matt.


The older woman is rummaging around in her purse searching for her coupons when, unbeknownst to her, a $10 bill falls out of her wallet.


As soon as the bill hits the floor, the second woman in line snatches it up, shoves it in her pocket and acts like she didn’t just swipe the 10 bucks. Seriously? What kind of world do we live in? Matt showed me.


Instead of confronting the stealer, Matt let’s the stealer pay for her purchases and she hustles out. Meanwhile, the elderly woman is off to the side searching through her wallet, probably searching for the missing $$$. Matt pulls a $10 from his own pocket and hands it to her saying, “I think you dropped this back there.”


The elderly woman thanked him and never knew the difference.


Friends, be like Matt.

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