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Butterfly in handsThe University of Central Florida is about 10 minutes from my front door. I’ve had a great working relationship with UCF since my first speech there in 2005 and, since they are in my local community, I probably know a bit more about the goings on around UCF than even my own alma maters.

Recently, a UCF student, Brooke, passed away. I don’t know the details, other than there was trauma involved. So sad to hear of a young life being cut short, yet, that’s not the point of this post.

The Tweets and news stories about Brooke have all said the same thing, “She loved life.”

When we die, the only things we leave behind are those things in which we’ve invested our passions. Brooke was apparently fully engage and invested in this thing we call life.

Engagement and those things in which we have invested can be the flutter of butterfly wings which can tip our passions beyond the grave.

What will you leave behind?


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