What Do You Mean Imperfect?

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images-1Flip back through my blog and you’ll find references to Gungor, a musical collaborative based in Denver. Michael and Lisa Gungor are, hands down, two of the most talented musicians I’ve ever laid ears on. The fact they embrace a faith more focused on spirituality and unity birthed from the love Jesus displayed and taught makes their music, blogs and books even more intriguing.

I took the Hotness on a weekend getaway to Denver a few months ago to see Gungor play a show on their home turf. It was absolutely incredible. And to think they rocked my face off while Lisa was seven months pregnant just highlights their talent.

Lisa and Michael just gave birth to their new baby girl, Lucy. Lucy was born with Down’s Syndrome. No one knew this until the moment of birth. Unknown

I’d like you to read Michael’s blog post about this. Especially if you have ever experienced the birth of a new loved one who was born “imperfect.” I think Michael’s words encourage all of us to know there is no such thing as imperfection. Or, that we are all imperfect. That our standards of what is perfect need to be examined. And then examined again. And again.

I really, REALLY encourage you to take two minutes to read his blog post about the new light that has come into their lives:


And, for more information on Down’s Syndrome, here’s another link to the National Down Syndrome Society website.



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