What Would You Think About?

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Last year, an incredible gift came into our lives and business. Her name is Tay. She is not only competent to help run the I’m Here Movement, but she has an overall outlook on life that helps balance out all my weirdness.


Tay has just spent the last five weeks from backpacking and travelling through Central America. By herself. She is 24. Tay doesn’t seem to fear anything. And, if she finds herself needing anything, the aura and presence Tay brings with her everywhere insures she’ll get what she needs.

So, she was laying in a hammock on the coast of Belize and had this thought…about me.

“Marc, what would you think about if there were nothing to think about?” Interesting question, huh?

Like, if I didn’t have business stuff to worry about, if I didn’t get anxious over the details of my life, if I didn’t look back on events in life I wish I’d have done differently, what would I think about?

Honest answer? I don’t know…but I intend to find out.

Stay tuned for some new things happening in the world of Marcus that will insure I do, indeed, have that experience of worrying about…nothing.

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