Tickling the Ivories with Liver Spots

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The Hotness and I went to a doc’s office today. I honestly couldn’t even tell you where it is, other than it’s 45 minutes from home and still in Central Florida. And I think it’s the opposite direction of Disney. But, alas…

We walk in the doors of the hospital and are met with piano music in the lobby. It’s cool when hospitals have the big cool player piano, though personally, I’d rather have a hologram of The Boss in concert. Anyway, nice piano music when Marvelyne stops. la-trb-las-vegas-joe-vento-gallery-20131025-002

“That’s live. That’s not just a player piano.” So it is, so it is, I thought.

The gentleman playing was cranking on some old school gospel standards and doing a darned fine job for an octogenarian. I have to imagine this gent had some history of being a pianist for a church. Now? He might just be the calming presence patients need before going to appointments.

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