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If you’ve been reading EE for a while, you may remember a post or two about the work of Michael and Lisa Gungor. They are a couple who head up a musical collaborative called Gungor. They are also two of the most level headed, perceptive and, according to their writings, some of the most loving people you could ever meet.

I’ve met Michael briefly a time or two, but I know listening to their music nor reading their books and blog posts doesn’t mean I truly know them. Still, when people are as open, authentic and vulnerable as the Gungors make themselves, you do feel like you’re sneaking a peek into their inner lives. Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

A few months ago, they gave birth to Lucie. Lucie was born with Down’s Syndrome.

A.D.D. story: I kinda sorta hate the term “special needs.” Aren’t we all special? Don’t we all have needs? Aren’t all of those needs special in their own way?

Michael and Lisa had no idea they would be the parents of a child with a disability. I’m sure some of my readers have felt the overwhelming loss and fear and anxiety and horror that goes along with having a child who has health issues that are a major, MAJOR concern. I do not have this knowledge. I’ve never felt that kind of sinking realization in the moments after “finding out.”

On their blog:




Lisa puts it so eloquently and, more importantly, honestly the emotions that she felt in those initial moments after she gave birth. In addition to Down’s, Lucie also has some cardiac issues that require extensive surgery, including one that is probably being performed as I type this.

Michael and Lisa named Lucie such because her name means light. Last night, they, along with all their fans, friends and admirers of their work, all took pics of a light in the dark, all in an effort to show support during Lucie’s pre-op time. Marvelyne and I paused the DVR, lit a candle on our back porch overlooking the lake and snapped a pic to Instagram. And, I think we both offered up a silent prayer for the whole Gungor family.

I love their message. I love the fact they share and spread so much love wherever they go. And, loving Lucie is easy. Babies are easy to love, right?! Yes, you CAN love people you don’t know. And…we should. We are all human. We are all in this game of life together. We are all one, we are all breakable and, I believe, we should love those we don’t even know. world-peace

Not just love people when we agree with their message. Not just when they entertain us or make us feel good about themselves. But everyone…even that jackass relative who has hurt you more times than you can count. Even that nosey neighbor who seems out to get you. Even that ex who slanders your name. Even the people across the globe with whom you have nothing in common. Nothing, that is, but the simple fact they are human. Just like you. Just like me.

Love. Light. Humanity. Life.

We all need these things. Let’s try to give them to the world.

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