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If you’re subscribed to Engel’s Ensights, you may remember the topic back in September’s edition was about my hometown, Ferguson, Missouri. Just knowing my story means you have knowledge of the hospital that saved my life, Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.

I just received this important notice about an effort that is under way to help heal some of the brokenness we all feel from the last few months’ goings on. I received this information from Pat Potter, a nursing researcher at BJH who really has a heart to help the community. The I’m Here Movement made a donation to these scholarships and I hope you’ll consider doing the same!

Information provided below:


Nurses For Ferguson

As I have watched the myriad of “news” stories about Ferguson Missouri and the Michael Brown shooting, I kept asking myself how could I help. I thought perhaps that there might be a way to help deserving students, from the Ferguson area, have a chance to attend nursing school. Why not set up a scholarship?

I did a little researching and was connected to Laura Modrusic, the chief financial officer for the Ferguson-Florissant school district. I learned from Laura that certain schools within the district have fewer scholarships or resources to offer students. The McCluer and McCluer South Berkeley schools are examples of those schools.

I have worked with Laura and have established a scholarship, Nurses for Ferguson.

Now I want to reach out to my nursing and healthcare colleagues as well as good friends and ask that you consider making a contribution to this effort. No matter how large or small it will help in giving a student the opportunity to enter a most marvelous profession.

I have set no requirement to the scholarship: the student may attend any nursing school that he or she chooses.

The Ferguson-Florissant school district will coordinate this with the Greater St Louis Community Foundation, which will handle all donations. The Foundation has the resources to properly screen students and identify those most in need and who are deserving.

If you are interested in donating to Nurses for Ferguson

Make a check out to: the Greater St Louis Community Foundation

on the memo portion mark: Nurses for Ferguson.

You might enclose a copy of this memo as well

Mail your check to : 319 North 4th Street, Suite 300, St Louis MO  63102-1906

attn:  Amy Murphy.

Thank you so much for considering a donation. It is a way for all of us to help a community in need.

The District will communicate the nurse scholarship parameters as follows:

it should be a student who attends either McCluer or McCluer South Berkeley and who is entering the field of nursing.

We will work with the foundation to determine how much we can give the first year and the subsequent years there after.

The students apply for the scholarship through an online process that is set up by the Greater St Louis foundation.  Once they receive your donation, they will send you the receipt and appropriate documentation for taxes.

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