Delighting in Death

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This is a tough question: if someone you hated was to lose his/her life, would you crack a smile? Or laugh? What about dance?

woman standing on the head of thoughtful manAs much as I hate to admit this, there are a handful of people for whom I’ve held this kind of disdain. How does it hurt them? It doesn’t. It only hurt me. So, I tried to stop. “Try” being the imperative word. At this point, though, I would delight in the death of no person.

I didn’t celebrate when Bin Laden was killed. I didn’t celebrate when Fred Phelps died. Nor Saddam Hussein. It’s hard to even imagine why anyone would celebrate the death of another; even if the person was personally hurt by the deceased.

With a ton of Facebook connections, ya gotta know there are a couple (maybe a couple hundred?) folks who are, well, mean. Yesterday, I learned of a FB connection (I hesitate to use the word “friend”) who posted a video of a death. The viewer sees a guy using military grade weapons in the desert, one of which, I think, shot mortars. After he fires off some mortars, one gets stuck and blows him up, too. My connection’s comment? ROFL. For those of you not familiar, ROFL means Rolling on the Floor Laughing.

Tombstone and TreeTrust me, after 9-11, I had a blood lust to kill terrorists. The Marcus of 2004 would have probably laughed, too. Now? I just cannot find anything funny about the death of another human being, even if that person is my enemy.

Do you laugh at the demise of other human beings? Would you find this kind of video something that could be ROFL?

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  • Taylor

    I think that any person leaving this world can be a tragedy because at some point in life, may it be now, or at a different time, someone loved that person. There are more than just the deceased whose heart breaks once they are gone. I, myself, never find delight in another’s misery. The karma would be too wrong and too strong!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Marcus!

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