364 Days of Valentine’s

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The Hotness has been my Valentine for eight years running. And, she will be until one of us is dead. I am a very, very lucky dude.

Marc and mEI’m also a very lucky dude because my wife wants Valentine’s Day to be recognized, but she isn’t demanding about how it has to be done. This takes major, MAJOR amounts of stress off me!

The Hotness is fond of this saying: “What you do every day is more important than what you do on special days.”

At first, I didn’t get this. Then, as time and our relationship has progressed, it’s become a truth I embrace. See, I don’t want to be the kind of husband who, once per year, gets his wife chocolates and flowers. Instead, I want her to know she is appreciated every day. I have such gratitude for this woman who, every day, challenges me to be a better person.

Is she getting something special for Valentine’s Day? Of course! What’s more important is how I’ll treat her on February 15. And 16. 17. 18. You get my drift.

Marc and FamilyFolks, take this from me: treat your spouse with gratitude, appreciation and thoughtfulness the other 364 days per year…then when Valentine’s comes, it won’t be quite such the big deal to get it perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Remember to celebrate love…in all it’s forms.

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