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If you’ve not yet gotten into podcasts, this might be a great one to check out!

Around 15% of people are what experts would dub highly sensitive and perceptive. These individuals have a nervous system that is more acute than the rest of the population. Due to a super heightened physiology, people who are HSP live in a world that is, as the podcast host describes, brighter, louder and more intense.

Sensitive Asian young manSensitivity is something it seems like western society doesn’t really value, so HSPs are often looked at as weird or weak. This could not be further from the truth. However, due to constant sensory overload, HSPs have to practice a ton of self care or risk becoming anxious and overwhelmed. I am a highly sensitive person and this podcast has helped me learn to accept my highly sensitive traits.

Kelly, the podcast host, recently read “I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care” and loved it. She talks about compassion fatigue self care for healthcare professionals while discussing the book on her show.

Kelly’s episodes are under 10 minutes, they are informative and help build community. I hope you’ll give the episode a listen not just for the Marcus story, but also if you feel your own highly sensitive traits have been misinterpreted by the rest of the world. Here’s the link:

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