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A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of presenting at three awesome institutions in a single day: Plymouth Hospital, Mishawaka Hospital and the University of Notre Dame, all in northern Indiana.

The next morning, we made the three hour drive to Indy in the snow, wind, sleet and all other forms of wintery crap. Then? A two hour delay leaving town. This would mean that IF we were able to make our connecting flight in NYC, It would be close. Like, skin of our teeth kinda close.

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 6.23.55 PMWell, Mother Nature had a few more surprises in store for us. Weather shut down the entire northeast and somehow we finally ended up in Philly. Dead in the water and we’d need to get a hotel for the night. Flights the next morning were also uncertain. Nerve-wracking situation, right?

What made it even worse was that, due to the delay, I ran out of Garrett’s dog food. On the way to our Philly hotel for the night, I placed a call to ask if there was a nearby convenience store where, if I was lucky, I might be able to find a small box of dog food or treats.

Before we even arrived at the hotel, one of the employees took it upon herself to run down to the local convenience store, purchase dog treats and what dog food they had. This young lady’s name is Amber.

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 6.25.51 PMWhen we checked in, Amber had left everything at the front desk. Garrett would not starve! And, even though Ninja Dog eats a very specific and strict diet, desperate times call for desperate measures…plus, he didn’t seem to mind that the dog food was not his usual fare.

When we got home, I made sure to write to the general manager of the hotel, as well as my chosen brand of hotelier, Hilton, about Amber’s act of love. It was very much appreciated by me, by Garrett and everyone that loves the both of us!

In our world where we’re bombarded with bad stories, I wanted to take this story to remind us all that there are really awesome people like Amber in the world.

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