Voting Doesn’t Matter All That Much

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Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 12.33.34 PMToday is primary day in Florida. I’ll vote, of course, but I don’t care all that much.

What? Me, not caring? Yeah, kinda.

Like everyone, I’ve been watching this train wreck of a campaign season. The Hotness and I are registered, we have our IDs and we know exactly where our polling place is. But, I can’t seem to care as much as normal…

This morning while flipping through Facebook, I ran across a post from the husband of an old college friend. My friendship with this person goes back to my sighted days, but truth be told, it’s probably been since college that I’ve been in her physical presence. Part of the reason for this is that we live in opposite parts of the country. The other reason might be because she’s been sick.

After defeating cancer once, several months ago, her oncologist found it again. The last several months, her husband has posted updates. Today, I learned that she was just admitted once again and they are really struggling.

Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 12.34.11 PMIn the words of her husband, they are just numb. The fight has just worn them down so, so much. And there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. I’m just sad. Sad for their enduring heartache, sad that cancer has robbed yet another young person of vitality, sad that this has happened to such a good, kind and loving soul.

When I go to the polling place today, I’ll cast my ballot with the knowledge that voting is important…but it’s not the most important thing. Of greatest importance is the love and kindness and empathy we show to our fellow human beings during their time of suffering.

And, if you’re the praying type, please throw out some for my friend Mouse and her husband Fletch. I think they could use them right about now.

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