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I wanted to throw out an opportunity that is limited to those in New Jersey for the week of January 16, 2017. If you know of organizations that may be interested, will you please share this blog post with them? Here’s the scoop:

January 2, 2017, I will return to Morristown, NJ to begin training with a new Seeing Eye dog. My training is scheduled to go from Jan. 2-19.

Being on stage in front of audiences is going to be a BIG part of the new dog’s life. My trainers and I believe it will be beneficial for me to do a keynote program or two in NJ while there during the training period; specifically, the week of Jan. 16, but there is a bit of flexibility circa this week.

Having a dog and I do a presentation while under the watchful eyes of a trainer would be absolutely ideal. To help make this happen, I’m able to offer a significant fee reduction for programming.

If you’re at a facility in NJ, or if you know of organizations that could use the Marcus message during this time frame, please ask them to reach out to or to 314-852-4494.


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