Join Marcus for some insights on identifying the changing points and how to keep concerns from turning into a crisis.

For a shot of inspiration and perspective, join Marcus and other healthcare leaders every Thursday at 10a & 4p ET to discuss the struggles that arise when leading through a crisis.

Together we’ll focus on ways to lead and connect with your colleagues, staff, community and self. This session is perfect for healthcare admin, directors and managers. However, everyone is welcome with us!

To learn more on how Marcus can partner with your leaders, visit www.MarcusEngel.com.


View all the sessions here!

Part 1: Leading Through the Covid-19 Crisis

Part 2: Commitment to Mission and Purpose

Part 3: Mindfulness Techniques for Grounding Oneself in the Midst of Chaos

Part 4: Practicing Presence While Physically Distancing

Part 5: When You Break Promises

Part 6: Interprofessional Collaboration – Now More Than Ever

Part 7: Managing Moral Injury, Part 1

Part 8: Managing Moral Injury, Part 2

Part 9: When Everything is Uncertain

Part 10: Extreme Empathy

Part 11: Difficult Discussions

Part 12: More Than Just an Office Job

Part 13: All Things to All People

Part 14: Go Far, Go Together

Part 15: Work-Life Balance

Part 16: Inspiring Integrity

Part 17: Righteous Resiliency

Part 18: Insult to Illness: Dealing with the Illogical Opinions of the Public

Part 19: The Compassion Conundrum

Part 20: Grief Beyond Measure

Part 21: Group Building for Small Teams

Part 22: Pandemic Soul Survival

Part 23: Tough Patients, Tough Families

Part 24: Getting Rid of Gossip

Part 25: Compassion Confusion

Part 26: Building Boundaries

Part 27: Pump the Brake

Part 28: Having All the Answers

Part 29: Building Your Personal Advisory Board

Part 30: Creeping Normalcy

Part 31: “What Else Can We Do?: Engaging Exhausted Staff in the Time of Covid”

Part 32: Finding Hope When You Feel Hopeless

Part 33: Just Like Me: Finding Humanity Now

Part 34: In Times of Great Stress…

Part 35: I Got You

Part 36: Finding Hidden Strength

Part 37: Sticking To It

Part 38: Getting Your Energy Back

Part 39: Finding Your Superpower

Part 40: Healthcare Suicides and How to Help

Part 41: Good Advice

Part 42: Refuge for Nurses

Part 43: Doctors, Disabilities and Dismay

Part 44: Handling It All

Part 45: Bad Hospitals

Part 46: Nurse Staffing Trends and More

Part 47: Close Listening

Part 48: Overcoming Precariousness

Part 49: When is a Problem a Problem?

Part 50: What Are You Doing for Your Nurses?

Part 51: Ushering in the New Normal

Part 52: Appreciating Your Nurses

Part 53: If This Isn’t Nice