Marcus Engel speaks from experience. After being blinded and severely injured by a drunk driver, Marcus overcame unimaginable obstacles to reclaim his life. This dramatic story inspires audiences to maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

Corporate Speaking EngagementsMarcus’ programs help audiences to:

  • Attain success despite the obstacles
  • Recognize and reverse self-limiting behaviors
  • Turn challenges into accomplishment
  • Value interpersonal relationships
  • Learn that choices, not circumstances, determine happiness
  • Discover the essential value of humor
  • Appreciate the unique benefit of each individual
  • Understand the power of personal choices


“Change the Things You Can”
Motivation, Inspiration, Overcoming Personal & Professional Adversity

Ever switched from tears of pain to tears of laughter in the blink of an eye? You will with Marcus Engel’s one-of-a-kind presentation! After being blinded and nearly killed by a drunk driver as a college freshman, Marcus made the incredible decision to overcome his problems and re-claim life. Through hilarious accounts of his hospitalization, rehab and college years as a blind student, Marcus plants memorable insights the audience can easily implement to achieve success personally and professionally.

“How Can I Help You?”
Customer Service, Business Relationships, Communication Skills

Marcus Engel Corporate SpeakerAll communications in business can be aided by the simple question, “How can I help you?” Marcus Engel knows this especially well. Being blind and traveling the country on business, he’s learned the fine art of communication between customer service personnel and, well, just about everyone! If you’re looking for ways to help create a culture of communication within a company, with customers and with clients, Marcus’ program will show you insights you’ve probably never even thought about – but will never forget!

“Diversity, Disability and the Office Environment”
Disability & Diversity Awareness, Corporate Culture & Training, Customer Service

Ever met someone different than you? Did you find yourself asking, “What do I do? What do I say? How do I act?” If you’ve ever had occasion to meet someone of a different race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or level of ability, you may have questioned what your role should be. In this session, Marcus Engel explores diversity from a human perspective. Audiences will learn why it’s okay to ask respectful questions, associate outside of one’s usual circles and learn ways to be more comfortable with all people!


“After Marcus’ presentation, there was an immediate improvement in morale and teamwork among our employees. The messages from his keynote and books are still being echoed around the office weeks later!”

Tim W. Walkenhorst
Renaissance Financial Corp

“Marcus’ inspirational story and excellent presentation skills held the audience spellbound at our national conference. He may just be the best speaker we’ve ever had!”

Enid Borden
Meals on Wheels Association of America

“Marcus’ presentation was one of the key factors in the success of our regional conference. Employees were riveted by his message and responded enthusiastically to his challenge not to accept excuses, but overcome obstacles and achieve excellence. Marcus is simply unforgettable!”

Shannon O’Toole Kuhlman
Agency Management Resource Group / Securian

“Marcus’ captivating story, easygoing personality and ability to relate to the audience combine to make him one of the best speakers we’ve ever had.”

Kara Miller
Coordinator for Greek Affairs
University of Miami (Florida)

“Marcus has a way of putting an audience quickly at ease – then he builds on that relationship by providing sound, practical insight that sticks with people long after the session is over.”
Marcus Engel Corporate Speaking Engagements

Steve & Mary Alessi
Metro Life Church (Miami, Florida)