Your nurses are hurting. Here’s how to help heal them…

For Nurses Week 2021, give your staff the gift of inspiration. Bring Marcus and the I’m Here message to your people through 10 live streaming keynotes throughout five days. This heartwarming and deeply human story can breathe new life into your staff.



Retention. Engagement. Connecting each caregiver to their “why”.

These are just a few reasons hospitals continue to bring the Marcus message to their staff.

  • Without a doubt, Marcus is one of the best speakers in the area of healthcare that I have ever heard. I recommend him to anyone looking for a speaker who can inspire new healthcare professionals, seasoned health professionals, or anyone facing adversity (and that would be all of us!).

    Norma Stephens Hannigan, DNP, MPH, FNP-BC, DCC, FAANP Clinical Professor of Nursing Columbia University School of Nursing New York

Now is the perfect time to invest in your team.

“I’m Here.” Two little words that change lives.


Nationwide Marcus has been inspiring audiences with his unforgettable story of healthcare compassion and overcoming adversity. Now, you can share this message with your staff like never before.


For Nurses Week 2021 you will be able to Live Stream Marcus’ acclaimed keynote, “The Other End of the Stethoscope”, as you celebrate the profound accomplishment of your staff, highlight the successes and renew commitment to mission, care and compassion.


Make NW2021 unforgettable…and let Marcus help restore your staff.

Learning Objectives:

  • Honor the sacred work done by nurses and healthcare professionals
  • Increase engagement through the use of Narrative and stories of healthcare
  • Provide new and simple methods to communicate compassion to patients, families and colleagues

Your Plan for an Unforgettable Nurses Week 2021


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Tough to get staff in the same place at the same time? No need to worry here! With ten sessions to choose from, everyone will be able to remotely tune in at their own convenience.


Celebrate the profound accomplishment of your staff, highlight the successes and renew commitment to mission, care & compassion.
  • I’ve invited Marcus to the two facilities where I’ve served as CNO.  This decision is one of the best I’ve ever made for my nursing staff.

    Constance Schmidt DNP, MHA, FACHE CNO, COO St. Anthony North Health Campus


What are the details of this Nurses Week event?

May 10-14, Marcus will be live streaming his acclaimed keynote, “The Other End of the Stethoscope” twice daily.

Twice per day, your staff can tune in to experience this healing, restorative and inspiring presentation which has been witnessed by healthcare professionals around the world.

Each virtual presentation is one hour in duration and will be presented live.

Why is Marcus’ message a good gift for our nurses?

Healthcare staff are exhausted. The Marcus message is all about inspiring and affirming the sacred work of healthcare. Marcus weaves a deep narrative of human compassion while reminding staff of their, “Why?” His story hits All the feels and invites us all to be present, to be human and to practice compassion.

How much does it cost?

With your investment, you are purchasing admission for anyone on your staff to attend any of the ten presentations.

Systems with 1-2 facilities, the investment is $5,000

Systems with 3-5 facilities, the investment is $12,500

Systems with 6 or more facilities, the investment is $20,000

What? That’s so affordable! Is there a catch?

Nope! Every healthcare professional deserves to hear this uplifting and inspirational message. So in a year where Marcus’ message is needed more than ever, we’re making it more affordable and convenient than ever to share with all of your staff.

If you have budget money still available – consider a complimentary gift to your staff, such as Marcus’ book to reinforce the “I’m Here” message even more. Your staff will have a Nurses Week gift that will last!

Join this Nurses Week event and get 50% off bulk orders of 100+ books. Learn more here.

Can we record a session for continued use long after Nurses Week?

The recording and licensing for one year is an additional investment of $2,500.

Or a lifetime license for $5,000.

Many hospitals use this recording within their onboarding system.

Why two sessions per day?

While he can’t be in person with you, Marcus still wanted to keep his presentations live. With a message of human presence, we’re trying to remain as intimate as we can during a pandemic. Taking into account different time zones, work schedules, etc., we want to create multiple opportunities for live streaming keynotes. Remember, your staff can attend any of the 10 sessions that work best with their schedules.

What’s the schedule?

Monday, May 10: 10a & 4p

Tuesday, May 11: 12p & 8p

Wednesday, May 12: 10a & 4p

Thursday, May 13: 12p & 8p

Friday, May 14: 10a & 4p

*All times listed in EST

This is for Nurses Week, but can we have our other staff professionals join, too?

Yep, totally! Again, it’s for the entire staff of your facility. Marcus talks about nearly every profession in acute care.

Any tips on creative ways to share these virtual presentations with staff?

You have so many options! If scheduling an in-person event for your staff, simply schedule around the virtual session start times. Or create roundtables of staff for watch parties. Or, simply send out the link to your entire staff to watch at their leisure. If your facility uses “I’m Here” or “Stetho” in orientation or as a NW gift, this is a valuable way to reinforce the message of the books.

This year, gift your nurses a long-lasting experience that reminds them of their “why”.


10 sessions to choose from

  • 10 sessions held throughout 5 days
  • One hour sessions
  • Shareable facility-wide link to attend
  • View full schedule of the week here

Option to record for future use

  • Licensing options for 12 months/lifetime
  • Can be used internally and for educational purposes
  • We encourage you to use in onboarding & orientation

Keep the message going with books

  • 50% savings on “I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care”
  • Offer valid for purchases of 100+ books
  • Can be used for book clubs, committee meetings, daily huddles, orientation, etc.
  • Shop for books here

Pricing Options

With your investment, all staff can attend any of the ten presentations. 


$5,000: Systems with 1-2 facilities

$12,500: Systems with 3-5 facilities

$20,000: Systems with 6 or more facilities


*Facilities must be under the same system

With recording consent, a facility may use the keynote footage for educational purposes and internal use only.

12 month license: $2,500

Lifetime license: $5,000


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Schedule for our Virtual Nurses Week 2021

Monday, May 10th

10a & 4p EST


Tuesday, May 11th

12p & 8p EST


Wednesday, May 12th

10a & 4p EST


Thursday, May 13th

12p & 8p EST


Friday, May 14th

10a & 4p EST