Marcus Engel speaks from experience. After a drunk driver left him blind, Marcus overcame unimaginable obstacles to return to college and reclaim his life. Now, he shares his experiences with audiences everywhere.


This dramatic story inspires audiences to make intelligent choices, maximize their potential and achieve their dreams.

Education Speaking EngagementsThe Education Program helps Audiences:

  • Understand repercussions of unhealthy decisions
  • Break through self-limiting behaviors
  • Achieve success despite the obstacles
  • Learn how choices, not circumstances, determine happiness
  • Turn adversity into victory
  • Explore issues associated with disability
  • Find inspiration in unlikely places
  • Realize the true value of interpersonal relationships


Practical, poignant and powerful this life-changing story inspires health care professionals to re-ignite their passion for providing excellent patient care.

Healthcare Speaking EngagementsThe Healthcare Program helps Audiences:

  • Apply innovative techniques to treat patient challenges
  • Discover the small things that make a big difference in patient care
  • Celebrate the healing power of humor
  • Manage the not-so-caring aspects of the health care system
  • Rediscover the rewards of providing health care
  • Balance patient care and personal concern
  • Understand the unique issues surrounding trauma and loss


This dramatic story inspires audiences to maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

Corporate Speaking EngagementsThe Corporation Program helps Audiences:

  • Attain success despite the obstacles
  • Recognize and reverse self-limiting behaviors
  • Turn challenges into accomplishment
  • Value interpersonal relationships
  • Learn that choices, not circumstances, determine happiness
  • Discover the essential value of humor
  • Appreciate the unique benefit of each individual
  • Understand the power of personal choices