Best selling author and speaker Marcus Engel inspires and empowers audiences nationwide. His extraordinary story of recovery after being blinded and catastrophically injured by a drunk driver challenges individuals to achieve success by making intelligent choices.

Marcus Engel's unforgettable message of overcoming adversity will encourage you to view obstacles as opportunities, eliminate self-limiting behaviors and live life to the fullest.

Marcus Engel is a speaker, a message, a story, you will never forget!

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Find out more about how Marcus inspires and equips students to make positive choices concerning their education, substance abuse, mental health and life skills to maximize their potential to achieve success!

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Discover the ways Marcus’ story can impact the culture of your healthcare environment – reigniting the passion that fuels excellence in all aspects of healthcare by offering insights and strategies for excellent patient care.

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Marcus brings energy and inspiration to your audience (clients, sales force, customer service employees, faith based organizations, etc) reminding them to embrace the challenges of today and still “change the things you can!"

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