Recovery is Possible

A few weeks ago, The Hotness and I were on a road trip. The trip wasn’t long enough to warrant road snacks, but we got them anyway.

As we’re cruising along I-95, drinking our Mountain Dew and eating Slim Jims, I could hear that we’re approaching to pass a motorcycle. The Hotness will be the first to admit she’s a bit of a slow poke, even on the interstate. So, to pass a bike was kinda strange. Usually, it’s the other way around.

After making the pass, The Hotness gives me a few more deets.
“Marc, that was a motorcycle doing the speed limit. The driver is wearing a helmet, just like he should…and he’s wearing a t-shirt with big block lettering that reads, ‘Recovery is possible.'”

Friends, I can only assume this rider is himself a recovering addict. Had we been fueling up next to this biker, I would have bought his gas. Or gotten him a cup of coffee. Or done something to support his ministry.

Say what? Ministry? Yeah, his shirt gives hope. His presence gets attention. His actions show someone who deeply cares about others, even strangers.

I’ve always had a big heart for recovering addicts. It takes a huge amount of strength and humility to work the steps to have a better life. And, when you’ve seen the bottom and made a change? That takes real commitment.

If you’re struggling with substances, or you’re worried about a loved one who is struggling…hold onto hope. Recovery IS possible…it’s not just a slogan on a t-shirt.



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